Bretons from Junkenhof

After our first Brittany Fidu has excited us completely, the tricolor bitch Meggie du Hameau de Sorny from the motherland of Bretons from France moved into our home in 1997. Meggie became the founder of our kennel of the Junkenhof. Since 1998, our kennel has been registered as a breeding facility at the club for Bretonische Vorstehhunde (C.B.V.) at the Association for the German Dogs (VdH).
We breed a powerful, healthy hunting dog according to the international FCI standard, which also inspires everybody as a family dog. Our puppies are only sold into hunting homes.
Since 1991, we have been a member of the club for Brittany dogs (C.B.V.) and the Club de L’Epagneul Breton (C.E.B) in France. We regularly participate in the events of the CBV in Germany  and the CEB in France.

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Club für bretonische Vorstehhunde e.V. (C.B.V.).:

Club Epagneul Breton (C.E.B) in Frankreich:

Verein für das deutsche Hundewesen (V.d.H.):